More and more businesses are choosing to use social signals to spread the word about their businesses. They do this by using media such as images and videos to spark their product interest.

Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video?​

The Objective of Your Product

Text can be tricky since there are so many ways people can interpret what they read. Explainer videos take the guesswork out of explaining the usefulness and basic function of a product or service. People gain a better understanding of a product/service once they see and hear someone explain it

Easily Shareable

An explainer video doesn’t necessarily have to be confined to just YOUR site. In fact, free video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have useful tools that allow you to upload your videos.

Grab Audience Attention

You can only go so far with traditional web content. Due to failed attempt to bring more interest to a product, some business owners cram loads of pictures, flashy animation, and colorful fonts on their web page, which does two things: Confuses the potential customer. Slows down the load time of the web page